Thursday, 24 November 2016


A love story with a difference, that cleverly takes the point literally that men and women seem to be from to different planets. Kirsten Dunst plays Eden who lives on the well off privileged planet falls for Adam played by Jim Sturgess who lives on the poverty stricken planet. Both worlds even though are across from each other are bounded by the laws of gravity which pulls both of soul mates away from each other and in opposite directions. The twinned worlds with entwined gravities makes for an interesting story and spectacular visuals. Being from separated planets is not the only challenge their love has to master but the dangers that are faced with when they decide to ignore the laws that are put in place to separate the interaction between the hierarchy of class between rich and poor. This is one fantasy movie that takes a page out of inception and the matrix handbook, testing our sense of reality with worlds similar to our own but with a hint of difference. The difference that we only see in our imagination that comes alive in our dreams. An entertaining movie for ladies who enjoy drama and romance and a bit of Fantasy for the gents.

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