Wednesday, 10 February 2021


As parents we feel responsible for how our kids react in their everyday life situations not just because of what we try to teach them on how to behave in society but also because they are made up of our own DNA which makes us feel we are partly responsible for who they grow up to be. Irrespective of what views we try push onto them it's not only just one thing that influences their choices in day to day life it is their core being that reflects who they  are and shows in their personality. We may try to give our opinions but it is up to them to choose who they want to be and how they want to react that matters. You can not control their thoughts by piggy backing your ideas onto their beliefs, they alone will make the choices that matter to them no matter how much respect they have for you. So be there to support not to take over your children's lives because the moment they feel you've ignored their input is the moment they have ignored your input whether or not you might make complete sense. So lead by example and show them the respect you yourself require.