Monday, 11 January 2021


 I keep on hearing stories that people are addicted to their phones as if they are doing only one thing but what the stories fail to mention is that people are mainly using their phones for internet access so blaming the device as the addiction problem when it is just the tool that allows them to get the information they search for on the world wide web. My phone is only used to call people 5 percent of the time it's used majority of the time for checking emails, paying bills, shopping, taking photos, social networking, Audible, Netflix, surfing the net and game playing so taking away a phone which is like a mini computer in the palms of your hand will only remove the easy access that once used to take so much time in your life. If you would rather go back to the time where you had to come home before you got your message, post letters and wait a week for a response, carry a camera all the time and go to the post office to pay a bill then don't get a smartphone. We are addicted to being entertained and information the phone can get us not the phone.