Friday, 11 June 2021


 Treating people good only when your feeling good means it's an effort to be nice. Are you really a nice person when it counts? or does being nice take all your energy?.Being short with people over minor issues and blaming them for the cause of your bad day is really your defence  mechanism trying to stop you from delving deep into what's bugging you. Are you really the one with the problem? If you accept yourself as you are you'll find it easier to accept others as they are and you won't need to pretend that you are a tolerant person. Smiling will come easier without trying so hard to be happy.

Wednesday, 9 June 2021


We grew up being taught in the classroom to be more descriptive with our writing, the more detailed the better. It is now instilled in us that even in our social interactions that we try and share our experiences by using descriptive words. The fat, skinny, tall, short, black, white, young or old person is used as a way of painting a picture of our experiences. The description helps you understand what the storyteller went through and sometimes the descriptive word can connect you to the why it happened. You can single out any descriptive word and claim it's used in a negative way but unless the storyteller uses all with a negative connotation then the listeners are interpreting it wrong. Their are so many layers that affect how and why we react the way we do, to simplify it by saying someone is being discrimatory is like telling someone to describe their friend features without using describing words that paint the picture of what they look like. Their friends description may tick what a listener would interpret as negative interpretation.