Thursday, 24 November 2016


There are some movies that actors and actress should just avoid because playing in them could damage their career. This is one of those movies that the stars couldn't shine bright enough to make you ignore the bad story and pointless scenes which didn't seem to tie together. The only thing that made sense in this movie was to put these successful actors in the mix, because they were the only draw card this movie had to offer. The actors did a great job playing the roles, but their is only so much you could do with such a shitty script. The story of two females  individual obsession coming together didn't make the story interesting. One woman obsessed with cooking the other obsessed with throwing up what ever she eats. Death by chef is what the movie should of focused on, but director chose to focus the majority of the movie on the food and preparation of the food. Boring and shitty don't make for a good ingredients for a successful movie. Bad movie, Bad story very, very badly done.

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