Thursday, 17 November 2016


Man of steel attempted to break new ground with the superman formula rather than playing it safe and sticking to what people expect would expect when comparing this new addition to the classics that have been done over and over again. It managed to do this by showing you a in-depth view of how it would feel for man of steel to be an outcast with his unique powers. His Parents also played an important role by explaining in detail what would make them send their only son to a distant world, and what it would mean for the people of Krypton. It also showed a little of the world of Krypton and how the evolved planet managed to destroy itself. Showing us a taste of what life was like on Krypton has now opened up the possibility for a prequel. This movie gave us drama that felt new even for such a familiar franchise and threw in an action the destroyed half of metropolis. A good around movie and a must watch for any superhero fan. Two thumbs up for a movement in the right direction.

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