Thursday, 1 September 2016

THE HOST(2013)

The Host showed so much promise during its trailer to be a stand out action, adventure with a little bit of romance flick with a difference.  It only seems to fall short of all it's attempted genre's. It started off like many movies with straight off action, and then a long explanation of how Melanie/ Wanda got in their unfortunate situations. The movie tried to convince its audience that their was a love triangle in the 125 minutes that it ran that would equal the quality romance movies that people have instilled in their mind and later have used movie quotes when communicating with there loved ones. But the word LOVE seemed to be thrown around hoping that it would stick and be enough to feel the audience with a powerful emotion. But all that i felt was the lack of emotion that was coming from the actors who were forced to read the bad script. The advertising tried to use the success of twilight to promote The Host as if it was Stephenie Meyer next great addiction. Hopefully the bad reviews will stop any chance of the next part coming out any time soon because its PG rating stopped it from taking bolder steps in its failed attempt genres. There a movies that promise so little and deliver a whole lot more than The Host, So save your money and watch something with the courage to give an explanation that didn't seem to come out of disney.

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