Thursday, 29 September 2016


This movie attempted to expand the bourne universe by adding a new level to what was already a successful formula ,but it more felt like a step back in the wrong direction. The first three movies captivating their audience with spy's who have been trained as perfect assassins. The latest edition took away from the training with a performance enhancing drug that the assassins relied on to heighten their abilities. This addition tried to rely on the story of the earlier movies but wasted a lot of time adding it's own blend into the story which dragged the flow of the movie down. Their were times where you felt you were watching a bourne movie but it did feel fleeting, leaving you want more action. Not camera angles rotating fast around actors to create a false illusion of urgency. The long wounded chase scene just felt to convenient for taking the right transport to escape, which felt to organised during the chaotic chase that went on and on. Ending with the wrong hero saving the day. Watch this movie if you feel you've seen the other three and need to complete the series, but don't expect to get out of it the same satisfaction that you got from the first three movies.

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