Thursday, 8 September 2016


Finally a remake that was made well, a movie that takes advantage of our latest technology advances enabling it to incorporate our imagination into the latest adaptation. Creative minds and unlimited imagination are finally on par with each other.  If you can think it, special effects can create it and that is the reason Jack The Giant Slayer is such an enjoyable movie. It brought life and character to the giants, they were as individual and comical as a clumsy barbarian sharing similar mannerism. The camera was brave enough to show close up of the giants without faltering the detail that the movie makers have made to create a photo realistic fantasy world. The more realistic environment, the more your lose yourself in the fantasy. A good fantasy movie needs the viewer to forget that they are watching a movie and feel that they are a part of the fantasy world. The story telling was well paced and easy to follow. The humour was subtle while the adventure lead you through the fun ride surprising you at every turn. Watch this movie and you will enjoy it or if don't you will never know what your missing, its all about the adventure.

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