Thursday, 8 September 2016

MAMA (2013)

Mama is a horror movie restricted by a PG13 rating, which limited its ability to scare its audience it had to strongly rely on its morbid storyline to scare its audience. It had the occasional ghost pop surprise scene which got you holding your seat tight as if to shield from the horror. The horror managed to create suspenseful moments full of tension that would keep you guessing "IS THIS THE TIME THAT THEY WILL DIE". If you opened your mind to the supernatural plane you would also open it enough   to believe in storyline that you wouldn't normally swallow. So allow yourself to escape into the endless minds cape of the horror that doesn't rely on what seems logical, but embraces the noises that go bump in the night . What we think we saw in the shadows is what directors like to make movies of because our imagination is enough to scare us. Proof isn't important especially when it comes to the supernatural. Its what you don't know and cant see that makes you get scared.So go watch it and try to take in the atmosphere created when your the only one seeing the crazy that surrounds us.

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