Saturday, 28 October 2017


Time is the most precious gift anyone can have. What we do with our time is controlled by our priorities. We all are limited by a ticking clock where our bodies will eventually lose the fight to survive. Leaving those we have shared some time with only a memory of what we made them feel while we shared our life experiences. How we a remembered is influenced by the amount of time we have chosen to give to those that will remember us after our passing. Nobody has the knowledge of when they will pass this is what makes time so precious. This is the same reason that we need to focus on what makes us happy and never lose sight of what is real to us. Getting older doesn't seem to be enough to force people to chase their dreams and live their life without regret. It is death of a family member or friend that wakes people up to the reality that we all have to face one day. We need to not  waste our time with the trivial and focus on what motivates us, do we want to expand our family,friends or wallet?. Once we figure that out we then need to spend our time making sure we reach our goals before our time runs out.

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