Saturday, 28 October 2017


Big and small decisions are thrust upon us each day of our lives, but no matter how small the decisions are both choices can remind us of our freedom to be able to choose what is right for us. We are shown by many on how we should think and how we should do even the most trivial of things. No matter the size of the choice we have, their is always someone trying to steer us in a direction to what may have worked for them. This action is pushed to us when we're not following the rules that people put on themselves when making decisions, believing that our life would benefit if we followed their lifestyle choices. Our choices define who we are and those who try to take that away from us have trouble accepting that we know what we want and we also know who we are. If we followed the examples that are forced upon us we would be a replica of the adviser and lose our own identity forcing us to create ideals based on somebodies else's priorities.

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