Thursday, 11 August 2016


The last Exorcism part two continued the story where the previous movie ended. The sequel didn't manage to hold your attention as much as its earlier predecessor and lacked the intrigue that followed Nell Sweetzer demonic possession. In part two most of the horror was induced through scare pop up scenes which got a bit predictable because the camera zooming techniques allowed for the observant viewer to not get distracted by the star and predict that something was about to pop up and try to surprise the unprepared audience. The story ran slow and dragged out without much explanation of why she was taken over again and the significance of her destiny, which would of helped to create a connection between the Nell and the viewer if the story was the focused on and not the random scare pop ups that seemed to go on and on. A disappointing sequel that should of focused on the foundation of its predecessor. Watch part one if you fancy to get a little scared and ignore this addition because it doesn't add depth nor is is scary.

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