Thursday, 4 August 2016


An interesting way to show the story of an old mans battle with his affliction of dementia and how he manages to fight the minds deterioration process through his coma. His dementia was the catalyst of the old man losing his memory and what was truly important to him, his daughter. His inability to grasp hold of his memory was the reason he lost himself to the darkness of his fears which overtook his rational state of mind. The fantasy he was forced to create in his subconscious mind wasn't bound by the limits of the real world. The possibilities were endless and the opportunities the director had to take advantage of his imagination allowed him to create an immersed movie experience. The dream like state that induced the audience trapped your mind into the fears of a young boy who never learnt to deal with his early childhood misfortunes. Eventually the darkness of his fears crept back in his life and created flashbacks of his early childhood sufferings which he couldn't handle and dementia followed. This movie deserves two thumbs up for originality and a well done for execution. A must see for those who like to lose themselves in the movie experience.

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