Thursday, 17 November 2016


Detention of the dead tries to use a lot of movie cliches to make it a hit for a broader audience, but its scary movie antics felt more like a cop out of the previous scary movie series rather than a fresh view of on the comedy horror genre which struggled to get out of the shadows of the successful series. During the full length of the movie their were only few moments that made the detention of the dead stand out. The movie used its ability to make fun of itself as away of making the flaws in the storyline seem intentional which seemed to camouflage the faults which helped you focus on what was happening rather than trying make sense of such a silly plot. Zombie movies may be what is successful at the moment, but if they keep on ruining the genre with rushed out movies that try to ride on the back of other successful movies, than their dies the genre. A disappointment for even the Scary movie series, a must not watch. This review might saved a little viewing punishment, unless your a glutton for punishment then ignore the review and watch at your own risk.

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