Monday, 27 August 2018


The moment you become a parent is the day your job starts and doesn't end even when your kids are capable of looking after themselves. Your paternal or maternal instincts take priority and influence your every decision. This can be frustrating for your kids who believe it is a lack of trust that motivates you to be on their case. Common ground can only be appreciated if all the facts are on the table and the truth is parents will give their lives to save their kids, which their kids might find hard to believe when they are feeling frustrated.  It is the kids frustrations that are stuck on their parents words don't and no which blinds them to ask the question why their parents would do what they do?. If they could see that it is caring that makes parents fuss and if parents did display a lack of fuss then that will show them that they don't care enough about their kids well being. Maybe kids will understand this once they become a parent themselves because having kids makes you feel like you've made yourself vulnerable to the world by widening your love which means you feel twice the pain and sadness if the ones you love are feeling sad .

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