Thursday, 2 August 2018


Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page), has grown up with a psychic link to a supernatural mysterious invisible entity that gives her unique powers to connect to the other side. The super natural powers gives her abilities that take the interest of a paranormal division and eventually the C.I.A .Dramas unfold when the Military tries to harness her unique powers and use it as a weapon. This games cinematic approach makes you fee like your watching a blockbuster movie and controlling the lead actor while being entertained by the gorgeous visuals. With multiple endings the games replay ability brings you back to see what could of happened if you chose a different path. It plays in chapters that bounce back and forth showing you how she got caught up in mess that has endangered her throughout her life, this adds depth to her character but does sometimes feel a little confusing with the back and forth period jumping. This is definitely is a must play recommended game by watch and play.

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