Thursday, 12 April 2018


With amazing potential this movies super heroes gets you pumped up for the action because so many superheroes in one movie should be the right formula to make a super movie that should stand out, but leaves you waiting for the sequel to meet your expectations. Bruce Wayne (Batman) enlists the help of Diana Prince (Wonder woman), Barry Allen (The Flash), Arthur Curry (Aqua man) Victor Stone (Cyborg) to face an even greater enemy. So much time was spent introducing the Super heroes that by the time everyone had the time in the spot light the movie was near the end with not much that uplifted your hopes in resurrecting this attempt for what it became the Super try hard movie. that left you wanting more action. The movie Justice League now with the characters introduced does make it easier for the next instalment to improve on because time doesn't have to be wasted on the  long introductions and action can fill the scenes where story was fluttering. A disappointment to the Dc series but when you fall down you can get up again with the next movie and use its untouched potential in continuing what the Marvel series has already done.

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