Thursday, 12 January 2017

ALLIED (2016)

Allied had the potential to be a great love story set during the war of 1942, but the action you'd expect from a war movie was limited and the love shown was rushed. Brad Pitt plays a Canadian intelligence officer who was working in North Africa with a french resistance fighter Marion Cotillard on a deadly mission to assassinate a German influential leader. The two are thrown together by war fall in love, and their relationship is eventually tested by a betrayal of a possible double agent that keeps you questioning where her loyalties lie. The drama had centre stage to a story that fell short to show the love connection that the couple would of experienced if they shared a family life together. This movie should of built up their connection then show us how hard it is to choose between the loyalties to your country compared to the loyalties of your wife. An okay movie that could of being great if it just paced itself in the right places.

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