Thursday, 1 December 2016

THE PURGE (2013)

The Purges main plot is based around the idea that to stop crime rate from escalating out of control, America would shut its emergency services down for 12 hrs during one night a year, to allow for the people to be able to get out their frustrations without the fear of consequence. During that night the law will close its eyes to whatever happens and whatever is illegal is considered legal for that night. The purge reminds us that without our emergency services at hand, we would be afraid to leave our homes. It does a good job in putting the viewer in the centre of what seems dangerous by creating an immersive environment that is similar to our own but without the safety net of the law. Even though the story was easy to take, the stupid things that led to the break down of the system were hard to swallow. Bad decision after bad decision led to unreasonable reactions that seemed to happen just so the story can move forward to the next scene. This stopped the roller coaster ride and forced you to question the reactions that took place. Wondering why someone would do such stupid things when their life is threatened. The movie just didn't manage to get the two thumbs up because of the silly things that had to happen just to enhance the atmosphere, Its just Average.

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