Thursday, 8 December 2016


 Project Almanac had the potential to create a classic movie with a successful already proven formula, but fell way too short from the hype the preview created. The time travel conundrum isn't enough to stop people believing that anything is possible when a time machine is involved, which is why we the audience, have high expectations from the usual typical sci-fi flick. This movie succeeded in being different but lost its time machine pull. Too much time was spent creating the setting in the attempt of steering the audience to believe that creating a time machine is possible and not enough time was focused in the affected alternate universe. Alternate realities created by poor use of a time machine is what makes this genre interesting, but so much time was spent on blown out scenes that should of should of been edited. Project Almanac was shot in a first person perspective which seemed to tie into the key to show how things were eventually getting back on track, but the held camera view didn't help immerse you into the time travelling world. There are movies of the same genre that leave you mystified but this isn't one of them, save your money and time because all the good bits are in the preview which will save you 104 minutes of downtime.

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