Thursday, 21 July 2016


A movie where two telepathic twins use their unique ability to experiment on their classmates to satisfy their morbid curiosities. The potential was their to create a story that you could lose yourself in the mind of these two twins who look at the world with a strange perspective making them outcasts craving the desire to feel emotions that the average normal person will feel. But the movie wasn't easy to immerse yourself in when the story was bouncing from dream to reality. Too much focus was put on the detective who was investigating the homicides and how his previous misfortunes got him involved in the case, rather than the twins weird persona and how they inherited their unique ability to get people to do whatever they desired, would of been more of an interesting story to tell. Most of the explanation was given in the last twenty minutes of the movie, which was also the most interesting part of the movie. Too bad the director kept the parts in the movie that slowed down the momentum of the story and didn't give more attention to the story telling which would of matched up what most thrillers require to excite with a surprise. Watch it or but you might have to fast forward the boring bits.

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