Thursday, 7 July 2016

PROWL (2010)

This movie starts of like most horrors where a group of friends who live a normal life decide to leave their small town and go to the big city on a road trip. A road trip which starts off to be a good chance for a close group of friends to go crazy and enjoy life, but changes the moment they leave their small town . Soon they are saved from their broken down vehicle by willing truck driver that claims he can get them where they need to go, feeling safe because of the size of the group and certain precautions they put in place, gives them the courage to continue on their trip. The first part of the movie introduces the characters and  shows us the intimate and close relationship they seem to share which helps you feel the bond that contributes to a believable scene. Once the shit hits the fan, so does the movies plot. The time spent introducing the characters loses its impact because the pace of deaths is that quick that you don't get a chance to mourn one because of the massacre. This movie loses most of its characters within 5 minutes of each other, leaving you with two remaining players and then goes further to add to a ludicrous plot. If you ignore the bad acting that usually comes when you watch a b-grade movie this could of been an okay movie but the middle and end seemed to rush out which stood out because the start of the movie was a little slow. Watch it but it definitely belongs to the crap on film pile.

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