Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Your weekend is a reminder that their is more to life than going to work. It is a little taste of what your life could be like if you didn't have the obligation that comes when you take on the responsibilities of an adult. Work can take up ten hrs of your waking life, from the time you get ready till the time you spend at work, is time away from your family life. The time we spend at work and thinking about work can sometimes camouflage the true meaning of why we go to work, for most it's a means to an end to others its a way of life, but the harsh reality to those who rely on work as a hobby is that with age not all jobs are still easy to do. That is why you retire from your working life eventually but you should never retire from your family life. Our bread and butter mentality that strives us to work harder so that we have more money for ourselves and our family's gets taken over by the lack of time left to spend with our loved ones, leaving us with more money but no quality time with the ones we most care about. As we get older our reason for slowing down is reinforced by our lack of stamina due to our deteriorating state of our health, this should be enough to remind us to enjoy our leisure time while we still have a adventurous spirit. 

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