Sunday, 31 August 2014


I spend most of my money on gambling. When i get paid weekly, the first thing i think of is can i make my money back. A lot of times i win at the start but the small amounts isn't enough to get me out of my money problems. It feels as if even when I've saved money my bills come at the time. I feel its hard to do anything without worrying where my moneys going. I was thinking about working extra hours but then i felt tired all the time, which made me feel antisocial. They say you can't buy away your problems , id love to try.


  1. If getting rich was as easy as placing a few bets and your there then everyone would be doing it. Most gamblers believe that they would be luckier than the guy next to them, I know because I used to gamble. The money you win will never replace the money you've lost. So quit now and save when you want to buy and get what you want rather than hoping for a win.

    A link to gamblers help line might help