Thursday, 13 September 2018

THE NUN (2018)

The Nun uses the already success of the conjuring to bring you back to the story which wittingly links the horror movies together. In this movie the Vatican send an experienced priest and a nun with a talent to see the the future to investigate the death of a young nun in Romania which at first glance seems to be suicide. This movie shows us how the conjuring's malevolent force which takes on the shape of a demonic nun blends in at the monastery without anyone noticing her taking over slowly and shows us the history that connects to the earlier movie releases. The history of the monastery is tied to a failed attempt to open a doorway to hell which was fumbled just before the gateway opened by soldiers that fighting the evil doers. This movie could of been better if it was a little more subtle with the horror rather than feeling a little bit overdone as the movies that try to overthrow their predecessor. The previous movies created a fan base which  created high expectations for any part following. A must watch for the fans who want to broaden their knowledge of the series but not as entertaining as the conjuring movies.

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