Thursday, 19 July 2018

REBIRTH (2016)

Rebirth gives us a taste of what an occult program does to fight against what a working society needs to be to move forward. As a full functioning society who are forced to follow the boring routines that can make us sometimes feel that we a surrounded by zombies rebirth believes in the alternative. A white-collar suburban father Kyle who is shaken by a surprised visit by long-lost college buddy Zack is invited to a secret program call Rebirth that he promises Kyle will bring the spark that he is missing. Kyle trusts his friend and begins his journey and believes this might be what he needs to break his mundane lifestyle, but what happens to him breaks all his beliefs down to start him off with a new life and his struggles to let go of his old life is what gets him to breaking point. A movie with potential because of the so many directions it could of explored but where it went at the end of the movie made you feel like it was a separate movie entirely from what it started like. A disappointment that could of been so much more. 

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