Thursday, 8 February 2018


Why do we exist, we must have more of a purpose in life then just to be happy? If it was just to be happy than what does it take to satisfy us, why are we, we. Is our future predestined which surpasses any primal needs and desires hidden behind all reasoning of undoubted fictional beliefs, there to camouflage the true reason of our existence? Is the search to satisfy our supposedly wants and needs merely an indirect plea to the conscious mind to come to terms with the fact, that we have more to us than what meets the eye. Is the greater purpose for all of us to play our part, in what we call life? A small part which has a chain reaction in a bigger picture. A picture designed by the same designer who made us be who we are and there to be all that we can be for the balance of what is good. Our part in keeping lives structural in-balance from befalling us all. All that is required is to be ourselves by following our hearts when deciding to make changes that could affect the balance of humanity. This will in turn help society to come closer in having good prevail over evil, which will help us in reaching a utopian society, heaven on earth.

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