Thursday, 14 September 2017

IT (2017)

Finally a remake of the IT (1990) hit mini series that does Stephen Kings book justice. This movie transforms you to the eighties with cleverly placed scenes of nostalgia that shows you what really stood out for the teens in the eighties like Street fighter one in the arcades, Nightmare on elm street playing at the local cinema and the bond that only comes with living in a small town and the shared adventures that come with spending most of your wake time together. This close group of friends who stick together when it counts battle a shape shifting demon, who begins hunting the children and feeding on their fear manages to capture one of their own. This movie captivates you from start to end and has you jumping in your seat, it keeps you engrossed in the story telling which makes it an easy to recommend watch or play must see movie for those who love Stephen Kings movies and love the eighties a great combination for nostalgia.

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