Friday, 10 March 2017


50 shades darker had a big challenge on its hands, try and live up to its predecessor by not being overshadowed by its successful counterpart. The sequel has Christian ignoring his inner most desires so he could keep his love alive with his love interest Anastasia who's not so sure he has able to commit himself to their relationship. Proving his love by leaving his complicated past behind him is not easy when your past keeps entangling itself in your future. This movie throws in all cliched scenes expected when the forces of the rich and powerful are trying to connect with those who's life may be considered mundane. It tries to captivate the lifestyles of rich and famous by showing us that hierarchy is evident and can not be ignored when money and power are involved. There are no real surprise in a this movie unlike part one , 50 shades darker left you feeling that you were watching The bold and the beautiful at times. This sequel was mildly entertaining and did captivate the audience as 50 shades of grey did with its originality, maybe the third part will do better.

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