Thursday, 20 October 2016

THE PACT (2012)

This is one scary movie which the director Nicholas McCarthy doesn't rely on a long script that drowns the suspense with unnecessary dialogue, but more on an immersive scary experience . A lot of the movie leaves the viewer working out the mystery with only subtle hints, which creates a suspenseful atmosphere keeping you on the edge of your seat. The camera angles seemed to put you in third person point of view allowing you to see what the star would of seen just before the moment of horror. The atmosphere created allows you to focus on the scenes at hand and ignore some of the minor faults which can feel as if the story skips some of what may seem important events. Only till the moments have past do you start to understand where the movie is leading you. This horror flick feels like a roller coaster ride that you cant help but to let yourself continue to see where the journey takes you. A must see for the horror fans, and for those who don't like horror movies you better not watch it because it may scare you.

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