Monday, 11 January 2021


 I keep on hearing stories that people are addicted to their phones as if they are doing only one thing but what the stories fail to mention is that people are mainly using their phones for internet access so blaming the device as the addiction problem when it is just the tool that allows them to get the information they search for on the world wide web. My phone is only used to call people 5 percent of the time it's used majority of the time for checking emails, paying bills, shopping, taking photos, social networking, Audible, Netflix, surfing the net and game playing so taking away a phone which is like a mini computer in the palms of your hand will only remove the easy access that once used to take so much time in your life. If you would rather go back to the time where you had to come home before you got your message, post letters and wait a week for a response, carry a camera all the time and go to the post office to pay a bill then don't get a smartphone. We are addicted to being entertained and information the phone can get us not the phone.

Monday, 21 December 2020


 Without technology in our lives we would live in the stone ages. So are you a member of the FLINTSTONES or are you a member of the JETSONS?

Monday, 23 November 2020


The hardest lesson I've learnt in life is accepting self discovery as my own personal achievement. Not all people will fit the same mould when it comes to targeting their goals, "each to their own" is a hard thing to keep in mind when you feel you might have the secret ingredient to help someone reach their full potential. We all have different levels of wants and it is our priorities that makes us different, taking that away from someone is the first step in taking away their individuality .Some of us want to see the world and others are content with staying in one place, nobody can tell you what's right for you as you cant address them with the same intent. Just because I find happiness in figuring myself out it doesn't mean others will have a similar satisfaction with self discovery. Self discovery is the act or process of gaining knowledge or understanding of your abilities, character, and feelings. Those of us who have a thirst to understand why? need to know the reason why is it like this ? ,where some of us may be happy just to know the end result without the why. We are who we are and trying to change that is going against our core being. So remember going with the flow doesn't always need an explanation.

Monday, 10 August 2020


 People say that they are proud  to be Australian, but when we are divided because of covid they distance themselves from parts of Australia and claim Victoria isn't doing the right thing highlighting that they are from the better parts of Australia where they care enough about the community to do the right thing. This is the wrong mentality, be proud of what country you reside in and support each other because all of us suffer from the same problem where the stupidity of the few will be what the majority of us are judged by this will leads to the narrow minded society.  If you would like to separate yourself from anyone make sure it is the stupid people of the world who will continually hold us back from being a better country.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020


Why as a people do we point the blame of frustration and use the words you and they, but when we want to appreciate achievements we use the words me and us. Me refers to a person and us to people, unless we are in it all together than we will never learn that solidarity that comes with supporting common interest. Peace is our common goal, life without it will only lead to chaos. So support your fellow man and woman whatever part of the globe they dwell in.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020


When your so proud with something you've achieved you want everyone to know. When you are honest you can stand tall by your words and your actions and nobodys words or actions can knock you off your pedestal, but if you have been sneaky and dishonorable to reach success you want to keep your actions quite because dealing with your version of a moral compass is a lot easier to manage rather than dealing with the majority people who try to show you the right way. The light is to bright for those who would rather live in the dark and justify their selfish actions. If we can't say to ourselves "How would I feel if the roles were reversed?" then maybe the truth is better hidden from those who don't want to hate themselves for being selfish.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020


Since when does the minorities opinion reflect the majority viewpoint. We as people strive for the common good in our community and achieving this can only be reached if we have high valued morals. Whether or not our overall goals are met we continue trying to live in relative peace and harmony. Not all of the people in the community believe in following the rules which creates anarchy especially when they influence others to follow their suit. There will always be a minority who only have their own interests at heart when making decisions, but it is our job to keep stupidity at bay when it comes to those who seek to destroy the peace. So think before you poison the minds of those who believe in the first thing they hear because a made up mind won't listen to reason.

Friday, 5 June 2020


We seem to be in race to prove how smart we are but we are constantly proving how stupid we are when we segregate people and focus on our differences. Without unity we are deemed to repeat the same mistakes we've made in the early days of our civilization. Our past failures should be seen as people's errors not a segregated minority. If we are not here to excel our way of thinking and improve from our past mistakes then we will be stuck in a adolescent state of mind. So recognise that we are just people before any prejudices take over and turn us to a dumbed down society.