Sunday, 17 May 2020


They key to happiness is to reach your expectations, but once you discover what your desires are you have to plan a way to make your dreams a reality. If your expectations aren't met you could lose yourself in your failures so a well thought out plan must account for the hurdles in life that knock you down. Unless you persevere through the messes that make up life's dramas you will never reach the utopian dreams that lie ahead. So be prepared for failures which should be your guide to assess your expectations and maybe allow for compromise.


  1. Indeed. Watch out for those expectations we have on others. They tend not to be met. So why give a puck? Its all just wasting our own breath. Be happy, care less.

  2. That is true what we we expect from others is rarely met because we always want more for people even they're happy with less. We see it as wasted potential but not everyone is as deep and disciplined.