Saturday, 15 February 2020


Why focus on your trauma? Why let it beat you? Why spend hours upon hours every day/night going over what happened and wishing it hadn’t?
There is no point to that. The point is as a person you got through it. You pushed yourself beyond that measure, picked yourself back up, and came back stronger then ever. You still eat, sleep, and function as a person. Laughter is not the opposite to sadness, happiness is, and no one expects you to be happy after coming out the other side of something traumatic. But laughter? Jokes? No matter how dark, self deprecating, or even offensive they are? Those help. If you can laugh at yourself, one day even make cruel jokes about what you’ve been through? It makes it seem a little less scary. I myself have a fear of thunder due to traumatic events, but I make fun of myself and jokingly criticise myself into taking a deep breath, blocking out the noise, and pushing myself through every day. Strength isn’t a measure of how much you’ve healed or gotten past what you’ve been through, strength is measured by the fact you still get up and do your thing every damn day instead of letting it beat you. It’s okay to have weak moments, it’s okay to take days to yourself when you just can’t anymore, but don’t ever consider yourself weak. You’re still here. Still fighting. And getting stronger every single day.

Miss S

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