Thursday, 2 January 2020



All we can keep from our dreams is knowledge, whatever we can learn from ourselves through our dreams is the only part we take with us from the dream world. When we are awake the quicker we try to connect back to the reality of the conscious mind, the quicker we forget whatever the subconscious mind created in our dream until we are reminded of it during the days pass. We are shown in our dreams architecture on a mass scale when we are looking at buildings that we have never seen in real life. People's faces that we don't recall ever meeting and music that may come out of ourselves or others who we have created in our own mind. These are examples that we have a photographic mind but very few of us can access this part of our brain while we are awake. Some have claimed to speak a different language in a dream to that they have never spoken, but the moment the have awoken they have forgotten all of what would have shown their creative mind in action.

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