Thursday, 11 October 2018

APOSTLE (2018)

A woman is kidnapped by a religious cult that tries to use her for a ransom to sustain their dying village. Once her brother comes back from a war which he narrowingly survives he finds out that he must put himself back in danger to rescue his sister from this sinister cult which resides on an isolated island. This movie is set in 1905 and is blessed with gorgeous scenery and atmospheric moods that make you feel like your in the movie feeling as hopeless as the brother who struggling to save his sister from peril. An enjoyable flick that comes close to being great but it misses the mark on the story's explanation that has you waiting right at the end before things are explained. If it gave you a little more connection to the mysterious powers that are part of the island it would of got me hook line and sinker with two thumbs way up.

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