Thursday, 20 September 2018


The life of this Polish Immigrant is thrown into chaos when her and her sick sister arrive at Ellis Island and are rejected to be deported back home. Before she is deported back home she bumps into someone who claims that they can help her and her sister but she must work at a burlesque to work off her dept. While living in her forced lifestyle she meets a magician who promises to get her out of her bind and help her sister get off Ellis island. The atmosphere of this 1921 set reflects well in showing the viewer what life would be like if they were leaving everything behind and trying to start a new life in a foreign country and how it can change a person to do whatever it takes to survive. This movie does a great job in putting you in the passenger seat of a immigrant who is forced to make tough choices that change her long life morals .This is a two thumbs up from watch or play review.

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