Thursday, 5 July 2018

VAMPYR (2018)

The Vampyr game forces you to choose between the dilemmas that comes with being a doctor who's Hippocratic oath has him trying to save the life of his patience and the primal instincts of a vampire to hunt it's prey to help continue your immortal life. Set in London during the era of the Spanish flu, the scenery is dark and filled with more than one danger to keep you on your toes, it shows us a side of London where the scenery adds to the immersion of a era surrounded by death. The semi-open world composed of four districts, make up the world of Vampyr and people who live in each district reflect the health of the district so who's life you take may affect how over run by chaos the district falls. This game promotes strategy rather than straight domination that usually comes with games which give you immense power to destroy your enemy's. A must play game that gives you choices rather than a game where your actions have no consequences.

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