Thursday, 31 May 2018


State of Decay 2 has a had a lot of bad reviews but it doesn't seem to be justified because every part of the game is twice as good as the first and the first part is considered a good game. State of Decay got a lot of attention for being innovative because it moulded survival horror with role playing grinding this is what separates it from most survival horror games. The dead have risen, and civilisation is on brink as any apocalypse game or even movie but this differs because permadeath forces you to choose your decision carefully because leaving your base unprepared may lead to the death of a character you have been building up.Those who enjoyed the first part a sure to enjoy the second because this is as close to the Walking Dead experience a game has come to. For those who don't like these type of games for whatever reason then play something else. A Watch or Play two thumbs up for great immersion and fun game play.

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