Thursday, 8 March 2018


 When Noah meets Avery he thinks he has met the girl of his dreams but she only sees him as a good guy friend, he spends the next three years trying to turn his friendship into a relationship with no success.When he accidentally stumbles into a photo booth that has the power to bring him back to the night where they first met, he takes the opportunity to try to change his future by altering what went on when they first met by doing whatever he can to take him out of the friend zone. This movie borrows a little from the Butterfly effect (2004), the Naked (2017) and Hot tub time machine (2010) and the Groundhog day (1993) which teaches the valuable lesson not to mess with time or you'll stuff your future up. A must watch for those who like seeing movies that show you the power of choices and how your life can change because of your intentions. This movie is gets a two thumbs up with watch or play reviews.

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