Thursday, 10 November 2016


A movie that stands out not just because of the outstanding cast but also because of the infectious storyline of two religious brothers who have decided to go renegade against the crime on the streets. These two Irish brothers fight crime against the corruption that has consumed their town with fast paced action, mixed up with  a little comical flair. Willeem Dafoe plays the FBI agent close enough on their tail that he discovers that their battle to get rid of the evil on the streets permanently might just be a good one. Billy Connolly is the icing on the cake to this movie, his role as the super assassin ties in brilliantly with the Irish brothers goals to do gods work by purifying the streets of the criminal under boss's that are trying to take over. A must watch to anyone who enjoys Action, Crime and Thrillers. A guaranteed two thumbs up for entertainment.

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