Thursday, 3 November 2016


Love Sick Love is a thriller that will surprise you a few times but loses you with stupidity of circumstance. A thriller must be believable if you are to get stuck in the storyline. A beautiful woman doing all that she can to seduce a man to go away with her to remote country home is not far fetched. When he finds out she has kids waiting their and she has already planned her two month boyfriend to take over as the loving father to her kids is a bit crazy, and then meeting her weird grandparents who seem to be missing a few screws is enough for any man to run as fast as he can. Somehow he manages to get trapped in the web of the man predator and dulls his logic to do stupid after stupid things. This started off okay and seemed to lose its audience with unrealistic scenarios even for a psycho thriller. The story could of played better if it just took its time to cull you into surprising event not slap you in the face with the crazy train. Watch it , just to see how bad it is.

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