Thursday, 3 November 2016


Some books might read well and entertain a lot of readers but it doesn't always mean that they would 

make successful movies. Come out and play is proof of this, this was shown when what probably would of been a chapter of detail and excitement ended up being a two minute scene full on pointless silence which forced the director to create loops of pointless scenes that didn't really add much to the story telling. A lot of this movie felt as if scenes were being stretched out just to make a full length movie. The 105 minutes that the movie ran for, felt as if the scenes were trying to use delay tactics that seem to only highlighted illogical reactions by the stars rather than lead us to believe that this is how a normal couple would respond under these strange circumstances. A couple who take a trip to a remote island when the woman is seven months pregnant seems a little strange, but a husband who keeps on leaving her to fend for herself when trying to investigate the strange happenings is just stupid. Horrors need to keep you on the edge of your seat with fear not scratching you head with the disappointment of stupidity when it comes to the choices being made. A must not watch with the guarantee of saving yourself 105 minutes of doing anything but watching this mishmash of a movie.

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