Thursday, 27 October 2016


This movie mostly relied on loud noises and surprises to scare its audience, it didn't allow for you to follow the story without getting distracted from loud background noises that happened every time a ghosts would appear. The storyline was based on the devil worshippers that were tortured then killed for their beliefs against church. Heidi a radio DJ who was a descendant was sent a gift containing a record which plays an mysterious tune that puts woman in a trance, causing them to have flashbacks of satanic rituals that were held in the past. The storyline could of tied in the facts about the real witches that were killed in Salem but decided to rush the explanation of a group of worshippers who were killed and now their ghosts crave revenge. The lords descendants coming out of the shadows to fulfil a prophecy that would change the world for the worse sounds promising for a horror movie. Rob Zombie should have involved the cults that are a part of our current times to add a touch of reality creating a more scary atmosphere, but the movie was slow paced and lacked depth which made it hard for any horror fan to stay interested in. Watching the preview on will show you all the best parts and save you 101 minutes of boring.

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