Thursday, 27 October 2016

FAR CRY (2008)

The movie Far Cry tries to rely on the success of the game to propel the movie to new heights but fails to enthral the dedicated game fans. Its simplistic storyline takes away depth from the previous successful game. The loyal fans of the Far Cry the game would of expected a comparably exciting movie but the lack of depth in the so called plot doesn't put much explanation into the movie when a much needed explanation in certain parts of the story would of helped to explain the history of the insane doctor, the hero soldiers or the stubborn reporter, which could have helped in creating some sort of attachment to the characters. This movie felt like a 80's action flick where the action was supposed to camouflage an empty storyline, most of which it was up to the viewer to fill in the gaps and make sense of what the director didn't deem important. The action in this movie was just enough to take it out of the crap on film pile, but not enough to take it to the must watch or two thumbs up pedestal. So only watch it if you have to, because I'm sure you wont want to.

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