Thursday, 6 October 2016


Addiction or humiliation, what ever the reason we keep on playing it. Enticing young and old by its simple design cleverly attracts curious minds to the repetitive fun. Humiliation can also be the motivator that urges us to play to show those who have played before us that we better than them. Seeing a picture of your friends is like a taunt they would of shared if they were in the same room, trying to distract you from beating their high score. Or could the colours of the candy be enough to bring us back for more, creating a hunger within the game. Whatever it is the game has nailed it , simple colourful , addictive and the challenge to show your family and friends you kicked their ass at something they have probably played day in day out. So highly recommended but be warned playing Candy Crush may follow with you stop doing other things that are equally important like eating.

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