Thursday, 11 August 2016


A comedy that takes out of the seriousness of religion and tries to make fun of the apocalypse while trying to tie in a prophecies from the bible. John Francis Daley goes to battle with the Antichrist to save his girlfriend Anna Kendrick from marrying Craig Robinson who as the Antichrist wants Anna to be with him. Craig presence was the centre comedy attraction in Rapture Palooza and his unique comedy antics made this movie watchable. Craig as the Antichrist is able to let loose with cheeky comments that propel the movies rating to a rated R classification. Only the Antichrist could get away with the low down, below the belt comments which seem to fit Craig Robinson unique humour. This movie could of been better if focused more on the story and less on the comedy, it felt that it took some of the comedy scenes too far and didn't leave any seriousness for the story to take. It almost felt as if the director was making fun out of his own movie rather than letting the jokes be a part of the movie, the jokes felt the were the only part of the movie that stood out. It felt little disappointing considering they had such a great cast.

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