Thursday, 25 August 2016

BAD MOMS (2016)

This movie had the right ingredient from a talented task to a funny premise that is easily relatable because of common issues we all face today with our own family's.The questions that parents ask them selves one time or another "Are we doing the right thing for our kids?, Are we good parents?. Mila Kunis leads the pack with two other moms who's characters add depth to the movie because of their unique differences to one another. Their new found beliefs that its now moms turn for a little overdue freedom creates the set for disaster when a mum skips her responsibilities. To all the overworked and under-appreciated moms that are pushed beyond their limits, its now their turn which leads to funny scenario after scenario. But this was no hangover trilogy because their were times jokes were stretched or just a little hit and miss which turned a good movie to its just average, watching it on netflix is worth it but the big screen cinema you'd want more entertainment for your money.

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