Thursday, 28 July 2016

MOVIE 43 (2013)

The Movie 43 features a star studded cast which tries to transform several short films into a stand alone Hollywood blockbuster, but it falls way short of Blockbuster and just manages to reach mildly entertaining. Only few of the short films could distract you from lack of depth of the whole series of crazy pointless films. The collection of short films that don't necessarily tie in together, don't assist the main story much because each mini film felt as if you were watching separate stupid movies. The very few moments that were interesting felt fleeting, even the star cast couldn't use their prowess to bring life to this corpse of a movie. Definitely belongs in the crap on disc pile. I was surprised to see so many good actors in such a poor movie. This is one case that too many good actors spoils the flick.

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