Thursday, 21 July 2016


Many movies have tried to have multiple story's that tie into together, leaving you with one main point made at the end of the movie. Most of those movies can loose their audience because the flow of story jumps from time to time which makes it hard for most to keep up with the plot. Keeping the individual stories as separate movies allows for you not to get distracted of what isn't important and meaningful. What sticks to your mind is what makes this movie good. Cleverly made to give you more than one genuine movie experience and pays off at the end when story's seem to tie together highlighting the deeper meaning. The slow beginning to the initial story culls you in and allows for you to understand the many roles played but once you get your head around the story telling, the pace goes full throttle with captivating action and intriguing mystery. If your looking for something outside the box the Cloud Atlas will tick the right box for you. Watch it but be patient you might have to watch it twice to take in the things you missed the first time.

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